8 Apr 2010

Looking for bigger business premises!

Posted by Lee-Ann

I never thought the time would come when The Business of Catering would have to look for bigger premises for our kitchen but the time has arrived!!!  Over the last 2 years we have bought so much and grown that we are now getting cramped in our 60 square meter fully kitted out garage.

So we have been looking in the areas from Steenberg/Retreat to about Plumstead.  Not as easy as it seemed.   There are plenty of places but we are only looking for about 100 – 150square meters and some parking space.  If the kitchen becomes too big then things become too far away from you and you spend half your time running from one end of the kitchen to the other just for a knife or bread board. So we can’t go too big but just big enough to not have to move again.

 Another problem we have is that we don’t want to move into a place that gets sold and we get told to move out after a year.  That’s the disadvantage of having a landlord and the advantage of owning. So my goal is to hopefully find a place we can start renting but will be able to afford if they want to sell one day.

Then there is the whole issue of business rights, the place has to have business rights due to us being a catering business, we need the place to also be up to standards with the Health department.  No wooden floors, only tile or concrete, Sufficient ventilation, drainage, a secure place to put our gas bottles outside and then lets not get started on fire precautions. The list is long and the things on the list have to be done properly as we get checked on and its just the proper way to do business in the end isn’t it?

So the search is on to find the perfect venue – wish me luck as it really isn’t that easy!

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